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Keeping Their Eyes On The Prize At Abbey+!

abbeyKeeping people focused and updated on progress and successes is a challenge for many business
es – the danger is that it’s just a set of figures or kept to a couple of spreadsheets that don’t mean much to the people who count – the ones who are delivering it!
The R+D tax  specialists Abbey+ have an innovative and fun approach. A key driver for them is cross referrals across the business and to help keep this on their agenda they have a little vending machine that produces ‘gifts’ when one happens – it’s a different gift for each type of referral!

They’re nothing massive, just little tokens that remind people about what’s happening – they range from rubber builders hats for construction referrals, paper money for capital allowance referrals, Monopoly houses for funding referrals and little skulls for inheritance tax! Make a referral and you win a prize and wandering around the office, you can see the prize winners with their toys collecting on their desks! It’s a fun addition that supports the very visible targets on notice boards and internal communications to keep it all on the agenda!

What do you do to keep things ‘on the agenda’ in your business?


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