3D Demonstrated #1:

A Lesson in Leadership From Jessica Ennis-Hill

jessica-ennis-hillWe had to start with Sheffield’s recently retired World Champion Jessica Ennis-Hill She’s a true inspiration, not only for aspiring athletes, but for business leaders and a great example of 3D Characteristic #1: ‘Get That Vision Thing’. Jessica set herself a clear picture of where she wanted to be – that was gold in the World Championships at Bejing – and got her team behind her focused on ‘making it happen’. She clearly got ‘buy-in’ from her team, family and friends on helping her deliver and the result was a truly inspirational performance in winning gold at the World Championships.

A big difference from her achieving Olympic Gold back in 2012 was the fact that she had to juggle a busy schedule of being a mum and looking after her son, Reggie, with working ‘ON’ her training and development – again, something lots of business leaders have to do (not necessarily looking after kids, but dealing with the ‘day to day’ and not getting distracted!)

As Jessica herself said at the time. “This has been the hardest year ever. There were different pressures going into London 2012, but here juggling all my mummy duties has been even harder. I want to thank everyone for their help and sacrifices in helping me get back to being the athlete I was.”

So, we wish Jessica all the best in her ‘retirement’, and know she’ll still be inspiring others whatever she does – that’s what leaders do!

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