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There’s a lot of brilliant businesses here in the Sheffield Region doing brilliant things. We’d like to bring together the best ideas and share them – it’s like a BIG BRAINSTORM!


Here are just some of the examples we’ve got so far….. (Just click on each image to find out more!)

1. 10 Lessons In Leadership From Jessica Ennis-Hill

3Squared Beer

2. 3Squared Encourage Their Team To ‘Have A Beer!’

Donate hand

3. Spend Your (Our) Time and Money Say Webmart

book club

4. B Braun Say ‘Read A Book’! 

Airfix Models

5. PMS Diecasting Fix Their Recruitment With Airfix

Streetfood Chef sign

6. Street Food Chef’s Signs Say A Lot!

Britney Thumbs Up

7. The Britneyometer From Benchmark Recruit


8. Silversmiths Create Dialogue Not Diatribes With Their Customers

9. Want Innovation? DO Follow The Herd!


10. Abbey+ Keeping Their Eyes On The Prize!


11. Delight Your Suppliers – That’s (PJ) Tasty!

steel-city-picnic12. Life’s A Picnic At Steel City!

13. UNCOVERing A Creative Way To Solve A Problem

We Need Some More!

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