3D Accelerator

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3D Accelerator’ is a ‘Dramatically and Demonstrably Different‘ business development programme for ambitious entrepreneurs who want to accelerate the growth of themselves and their business

Here’s an impactful programme that will help you take a proactive approach to…

  • Accelerating the growth of your business.

  • Solving your business problems and

  • Helping you maximise opportunities

It’s been specifically designed and developed for ambitious entrepreneurs, and will help you to maximise your performance as a business, and as a business leader.

3D Accelerator’ is a unique 5 month programme consisting of 7 half day stimulating, forward thinking and practical business development sessions providing you with insights into how 3D Businesses succeed and flourish.  It’s a chance to transfer and apply these lessons to your business to help you…

  • Think and work strategically and create a real focus to drive your business forward
  • Make your marketing work by differentiating yourself in your chosen markets
  • Create sufficient levels of new customers through a proactive approach to business generation
  • Deliver unsurpassed levels of customer service
  • Increase levels of loyalty, repeat business and referrals
  • Manage and maximise your business performance by establishing Key Performance Indicators
  • Maximise your bottom line by creating a real profit focus
  • Create and establish a culture that attracts and engages all the right people as you grow
  • Ensure your business gets better every day in the areas that count


It’s a great opportunity to:

– Learn the lessons from successful winning entrepreneurs 

– Transfer those lessons into your business

– Solve specific problems that are holding your business back

Develop ideas and solutions to help you grow and develop your business

– Apply proven processes to accelerate the growth of  you and your business

– Access practical resources, toolkits and templates to help you make it work

– The support and camaraderie of other entrepreneurs who are going through the process with you

– Create and embed a solid platform for ongoing growth and development

3D Accelerator will provide you with 

Practical, Stimulating Workshops

Proven Toolkits and Templates


Discussions With Others


Idea Sharing

Idea Sharing

Real Business Lessons

Lessons Learnt

Problem Solving

Problem Solving

Online Tutorials And Support

A ‘Community Of Learners’

Face to Face

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