Customer Delight From Jurgen Klopp – A True 3D Leader!

23Feb Customer Delight From Jurgen Klopp – A True 3D Leader!

When 10 year old Manchester United fan Daragh Curley wrote to Jurgen Klopp, he asked him for a favour. Unfortunately it was something that the Liverpool manager couldn’t help him with, but that didn’t stop him going the extra mile and ‘delighting’ his customer by taking the time out to send a personalised response!

Daragh had asked Jurgen if he could ensure that Liverpool lost their next game so that they don’t set the record for the longest unbeaten run in English football. His letter read…

Dear Jurgen Klopp,

My name is Daragh. I am 10 years old. I go to Glenswilly N.S in Donegal. I support Man United and the reason I am writing is to complain. Liverpool are winning too many games. If you win nine more games then you have the best unbeaten run in English football. Being a United fan that is very sad.

So the next time Liverpool play please make them lose. You should just let the other team score. I hope I have convinced you to not win the league or win another match ever again.

Yours sincerely,



Jurgen then took the time out to reply personally to Daragh, and obviously explained that he couldn’t do that, but wished him well. In fact, he did more than that – he praised the young lad for showing his passion for Manchester United and said that the club are very lucky to have him as a fan. He also talked about respect and said that’s what football is about. Here’s his reply…

It was a Dramatically and Demonstrably Different approach from the Liverpool manager and provides some great lessons in 3D Leadership.

3D Leaders…


‘Delight’ Their Customers…

He ‘surprised his customer with the level of service he provided’.  He didn’t have to reply. I’m sure he’s extremely busy, but he took the time out to send a lovely personalised response.

Are ‘Specific’ In Their Praise…

He went out of his way to specifically highlight Daragh’s approach and passion, rather than the usual tick the box ‘well done’ you see from many managers.

Value Their Values…

He focused on values and behaviours. 3D Leaders don’t just focus on results, they reinforce their values at every opportunity.

Walk Their Talk…

He actually took action. That’s it!

What makes it all the more impressive is the fact that Daragh wasn’t even one of HIS customers – he’s a Manchester United fan! So it’s not just about customers or employees…. 3D Leadership is about BEING GOOD TO PEOPLE IN GENERAL!


  • Rob Playford
    Posted at 21:09h, 03 August Reply

    As a Wednesday fan, I can’t say I’m feeling too positive about next season with a 12 point deduction – even Klopp maybe couldn’t help!!… but your blog posts always do the trick and put a positive spin on thing, always full of great advice 🙂

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