Customer Delight In Action…. And We Were The Customers!

04Feb Customer Delight In Action…. And We Were The Customers!

It’s great when the things I talk about in my presentations happen to me! Yes, we were on the receiving end of Customer Delight after a wonderful customer experience!

Our house got flooded last November and having spent 2 months in local hotels (thank you to the team at the Van Dyk Hotel, you were wonderful), we moved back in a few weeks ago, although there’s still lots to be done until we’re in ‘properly’.

We’ve had so many different professionals, craftsmen and advisers visit to sort things out and Jonathan from ChemDry was one of the first ‘on the scene’ back in November. He and his team set about drying out and dehumidifying the house, and clearing out all our drenched property and house fittings.  They provided an excellent service throughout what has been quite a stressful situation, by taking good care of everything, being extremely clean and tidy and keeping us well informed of progress.

OK, you could argue that’s ‘just doing the job’, and I agree, but maybe, due to past experiences and stories you hear, maybe my expectations weren’t that high! Anyway, Jonathan and his team definitely ‘delivered’ and finished the core of their work this week. We got home last night to find this lovely ‘Thank You’ card had been left for us…


Now, THAT’S Customer Delight! Jonathan ‘Surprised us with the level of service he provided’ and ‘exceeded our expectations’. That little thing demonstrates the 6 ingredients of ‘Customer Delight’ very well:

  • It produces a wow reaction! (And a smile to our faces!)
  • It appears spontaneous or unexpected!
  • It’s the personal touch! (Hand written and hand delivered)
  • It makes the customer feel valued! (We do!)
  • It’s genuine… and…
  • It creates a ‘talking point’! (See? I’m telling you all about it now!)

Not sure if he’s read it, but if you want to find out a bit more about how to make Customer Delight work in your business, simply click on the image to download my free e-book Customer Delight As Competitive Advantage!

Thanks Jonathan – hope we don’t have to use you again, but we’ll certainly let anyone know who does!

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