Andy’s 3D iDeas February 3rD!

03Feb Andy’s 3D iDeas February 3rD!

We’re relaunching Andy’s 3D iDeas today! They’re now going to be a ‘monthly thing’ and will be out on the 3rD of each month (3rD! Can you see what we did there?).

What have we got in this month’s episode? iDeas from an Nathan Sawaya a truly inspirational artist; Huel, a fast growing 3D Business and news from The Institute Of Customer Service that creates big opportunities for customer focused businesses.

As ever, all you need to do is click on the icon below to listen.

iDea #1: The Art Of The Brick!

This is an insight into the amazing Dramatically and Demonstrably Different artist who creates brilliant artwork out of Lego! We went to visit his The Art Of The Brick exhibition at the Great Warehouse in Manchester which I highly recommend!

Here’s a link to my lessons in learning from this inspirational artist and…

Here’s a link to the exhibition in Manchester – Get along there and have a look for yourself!

iDea #2: 3D Demonstrated: Huel!

Huel is a fast growing business that is taking a Dramatically and Demonstrably Different approach.

You can find out more about them Here On Their Website.

iDea #3: Go Great Or Go Cheap!

News from the Institute Of Customer Service says that while some focus completely on price, it’s only 14% of them – that’s a big opportunity!

You can find out how to maximise that opportunity here.



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