Customer Delight From McDonalds – Honest!!!!!!

03Dec Customer Delight From McDonalds – Honest!!!!!!

We’ve just had a lovely weekend with friends in Robin Hoods Bay and were up early to get back to our office. Feeling a bit peckish, we popped in to McDonalds at Bilbrough on the A64 near York. I ordered my Sausage Egg Mc Mufffin meal (and a bagel for Jill!) and was asked if I would like to donate an extra £1 for their Christmas Cuddle Charity Fundraising initiative. I said ‘yes’, handed over my pound, the lady rang a little bell and out came the staff running to give me a hug!

It brought a cheer from the other customers, there were smiles all round and it created a real ‘buzz’ at breakfast! As it did every time a new customer said ‘yes’ and the bell was pressed. It was lovely to see the smiles on customers’ faces way after they’d been hugged….. and it was clear that the staff seemed to be enjoying it too!

It’s simple stuff and a great example of ‘planned spontaneity’ that engages both staff and customers and it seemed to have a great impact, particularly in a business renowned for its processes and procedures (I couldn’t get a Sausage Egg McMuffin last week at 10.34am! (Not that I’m in a habit of having these things, honest!))

So, what can you do to create a bit of ‘planned spontaneity’ in your business to create customer delight? If you want a bit of inspiration, why not tap in to this resource from our friends at Bear Hugs Gifts which is a fantastic Random Acts Of Kindness Advent Calendar – there are lots of ideas there to get you thinking and, hopefully…. doing!

Finally… if you want some more ideas about customer delight, you can get a free e-book by clicking  on Customer Delight As Competitive Advantage .

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