Customer Delight – A ‘Rap’turous Response From Marks & Spencer!

08Oct Customer Delight – A ‘Rap’turous Response From Marks & Spencer!

How your company deals with customer service problems says a lot about you. We call it Dealing With Disappointment  and 3D Businesses Encourage’, ‘Empower’, and Enable‘ their people to do it effectively (it’s an ingredient of 3D Characteristic #5: Create An UBER Culture – more information here).

Here’s a great example of this in action. When Eugene Costello bought a pair of new £65 brogues from Marks & Spencer for a job interview, he soon realised that they were stiff and didn’t fit very well. He hoped that they would ‘soften up’ but after a couple of months, they hadn’t, so he contacted the Marks & Spencer website, explained the situation and asked for some advice for the “misery of me bleeding plates of meat” (For us non – cockneys, that meant his ‘poorly feet’!)

The response he got from was impressive. Noticing his likeness for ‘rhymes’, customer service representative, Andrew Nightingale responded with this…

Eugene promptly went to his local store and swapped his shoes – he also spread the news via social media explaining ‘I got back the astonishing email, and I thought ‘fair play to them, they’ve gone the extra mile and it’s deserving of the wider audience’. 

That’s what ‘Delighted’ customers do – they come back for more and they spread the news!

In a world of (far too many) ‘automated’ and ‘scripted’ responses,  this is a great example of …..

  • Personalising the customer experience
  • Dealing with Disappointment promptly and effectively and…
  • Demonstrating a ‘Dramatically Different’ response approach to the usual ‘scripted’ one so many other businesses deliver


I’m not suggesting that all your customer facing staff should be able to ‘rap’ a response to their customers, but are they ‘Encouraged’, ‘Empowered’, and ‘Enabled‘ to deliver a ‘personalised’ response to their customers?

What do you need to do to make sure they are?

  • Bob Harvey
    Posted at 12:16h, 09 October Reply

    The M&S response is illegible on a smartphone. I tried unsuccessfully to “stretch” it, but I guess I’ll have to wait to read it on my computer at home.

    • Andy
      Posted at 23:20h, 11 October Reply

      Thanks for letting me know Bob – will look into it!

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