Virgin Trains Upselling – Cheeky, Not Pushy!

16Feb Virgin Trains Upselling – Cheeky, Not Pushy!

Have you ever been ambushed by a ‘chocolate pusher’? You know, you’re in the newsagents, you’ve bought your newspaper, picked up a little bag of sweets and you sweep past the shelves full of rows of chocolates only to be be greeted by the shop assistant behind the till. He or she has a cheesy smile and through gritted teeth, says, in a very scripted way ‘Would you like a bar of chocolate for a £1?” You say “No Thanks”, you hand over your money, pay for your goods and the next ‘victim’ is ‘accosted’ in exactly the same way as they hand over their money for the bottle of water they’ve just bought!

I’m not blaming the staff – I’m sure most don’t want to be ‘chocolate pushers’, but they’re told they ‘have’ to say that…and, hey, maybe someone can provide me with the figures that shows it works. I’m all for ‘maximising opportunities’ and when I do sales training I highlight how our research shows that’s what 3D Businesses do In fact. 3D Characteristic #4 is Forget CRM, Think MCR Maximise Your Customer Relationships! That means ‘Giving the best to, and getting the best from, the customers that you want.’

Many businesses put lots of effort into giving the best to their customers – that’s the customer service thing, and obviously, that’s good. Unfortunately, they don’t put the same effort into getting the best from them – its’ all the effort, but no return. The challenge is to establish a proactive approach to creating new opportunities, repeat business, referrals and recommendations, but NOT TO DO IT IN A PUSHY WAY!

Here’s a nice example from Virgin Trains East Coast  that I’ve just experienced. I traveled down to London yesterday to do some work with a client and I booked my ticket last week. The day before my travel they sent me a nice short email that said:

“Andrew, we’ve specially selected you for a First Class upgrade – just to say thanks for being such a lovely customer. All you have to do is show this email, along with your original tickets, to the guard on your train, give them a cheeky wink (optional) and pay them £20 per person – then sit back and lap up the First Class luxury.

Complimentary food, bevvies and Wi-Fi are just the start…”

It’s a nice, personalised approach to get me to spend more money with them with a bit of ‘cheekiness’ thrown in too!

Some questions for you…

  • What’s your approach to creating opportunities with your customers?
  • Are your people encouraged to spot and create new opportunities?
  • Are they empowered and enabled to do it? 
  • Do your systems and processes support and reinforce this?

I did a webinar for The Institute Of Sales And Marketing Management last year all about this stuff and we’ve now made it available to all our friends and that of course includes you!

It’s aimed at anyone with responsibility for dealing with customers and offers practical ideas and processes that you can use to Maximise your Customer Relationships.

All you need to do is click on the image below to watch it…

and it’s there for you to watch at your leisure FREE!

Think in 3d eBookps. If you are interested in buying my book…..

“Hope you don’t thing I’m being too cheeky, but by reading this you have specially selected YOURSELF for a ‘First Class’ upgrade. All you have to do is click here to visit the lovely people at the Amazon website, decide whether you want the paperback or the Kindle version and pay them £11.99 for the paperback or £4.90 for the Kindle and we can assure you of a First Class read.

The ideas on Maximising Customer Relationships are just the start…”

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