Don’t ‘Sit On The Job’ – Remove The Blockages To Great Customer Experiences!

30Jan Don’t ‘Sit On The Job’ – Remove The Blockages To Great Customer Experiences!

Making it easy for your customers to buy and use your products and services is a key ingredient in creating great customer experiences and here’s some good news if you’re heading for Japan…. it’s an end to confusing toilet use misery!

The Japan Sanitary Equipment Industry Association which represents manufacturers such as Toto, Panasonic and Toshiba, have identified that many foreign tourists say they can’t understand the controls on their toilets – often because they have ‘features’ we often don’t get on the toilets we have in the West such as bidets and warm air drying!

So rather than ‘sitting on the job’, they have come up with an idea to make using their products easier. They have agreed to unify the iconography they use on the often very confusing ‘instructions’ on the control panels for Japanese toilets!

They have come up with 8 new pictograms that they hope will become an international standard. You can see them displaying the icons above and in case you didn’t know what they mean, they are (from left to right) raise the lid, raise the seat, large flush, small flush, rear spray, bidet, dry, and stop.

It’s a nice example of removing the ‘blockages’ to delivering great experiences and being ‘easy to buy from’ which is a key ingredient of 3D Characteristic #3: Create Delighted And Devoted Customers!

With the Olympics heading for Tokyo in 2020 I’m sure that they have ‘hit the spot’!

  • How ‘easy’ is your business?
  • Where are the ‘blockages’ in your systems and processes?
  • How can you remove them?

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