11 Year Old Entrepreneur Mikaila Ulmer Really Is The Bees’ Knees!

20Nov 11 Year Old Entrepreneur Mikaila Ulmer Really Is The Bees’ Knees!

There are lots of lemon juices on the market, so how do you differentiate your business to convince the buyers at forward thinking grocery chain Whole Foods to stock your product?

Maybe you tell them it’s sourced from local farmers, maybe you highlight that it’s the blend of natural ingredients that include pure filtered water, fresh squeezed lemon juice, honey, cane sugar, organic flaxseed and local organic mint, and maybe you explain that for every bottle they sell, 20% of the profits will go to organisations fighting to save honey bees.

That’s without doubt a Dramatically Different product, but when it is ‘Demonstrated‘ by the MD of the company who produces it and she is only 11 years old, then that nails it!

Mikaila Ulmer, a young entrepreneur  from Austin, Texas has recently negotiated a $1 million contract with Whole Foods, America’s largest natural food supplier and will be selling her Bee Sweet Lemonade in 55 of their stores! Mikaila actually started the business when she was only 4 years old, developing her great grandmother Helen’s recipe and started selling locally when she learned about the perils of the honeybee population and decided to do something about it! She

Differentiating your business in today’s crowded marketplaces is a tough job and it’s always great to see good examples of businesses that have done it and are doing it. In my marketing presentations and seminars I talk about how 3D Businesses establish (and Demonstrate) a Dramatic Difference which is ‘an unmatchable bundle of products, services, skills, methods and practices that differentiate a business from its competitors’.

However, your ‘Dramatic Difference’ is only any good if your customers… WANT it! ARE PREPARED TO PAY (MORE) FOR it!  And can …RECOGNISE it!

Here’s Mikaila Demonstrating her Dramatic Differenceback when she was only 9 and it’s clear that she demonstrates 3D Characteristic #1: Get That Vision Thing! too….

So, when it comes to competing in your market place….

  • What’s your ‘bundle’ of unmatchable skills, methods and practices?
  • Is it ‘Dramatically and Demonstrably  Different’ from your competitors?
  • Is it something that those customers want, recognise and are prepared to pay (more) for?
  • Do you ‘Demonstrate‘ it… consistently?

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