Silversmiths Restaurant – Creating Dialogue With Their Customers

10Oct Silversmiths Restaurant – Creating Dialogue With Their Customers

Creating ‘dialogue’ with your customers is something we see 3D Businesses do proactively – it’s a key ingredient of 3D Characteristic #4: Forget CRM, Think MCRMaximise your Customer Relationships (Find out more here). Here’s a great example of a business doing just that from a restaurant here in Sheffield called Silversmiths.

As they prepare to reopen after their refurbishment, they have sent out an email to let their customers know about what’s happening and about their new opening hours. To reinforce this, they have ‘engaged’ their customers by asking for some ideas about what they think and what they want about the new ‘offer’. They even ‘incentivised’ them by offering prizes for the best ideas.

Here’s a copy of the email:


It’s simple stuff, but it’s a nice way of ‘engaging’ with customers and ‘educating’ them too.

How do you ‘engage’ with your customers? OK, it might not be appropriate for emails for your business, and it’s definitely not about ‘pushing products’ at them. Your challenge is to find ways that get your customers to ‘interact’ with you and your people. It can be face to face, over the telephone, email or via social media – it’s whatever works best for them!

Here are a couple of examples….

What do you do to ‘engage’ with your customers and what do you do to ‘educate’ them about what you do and how you do it?

If you want a bit more on Maximising Customer Relationships, here are 10 ideas. Equally, if you’ve got any ideas or examples about how it’s worked for you (or others), please let us have them below. (Can you see what I did there?)

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