Customer Delight From M&S With A Personalised Online Customer Experience!

10Jun Customer Delight From M&S With A Personalised Online Customer Experience!

Smiley DrawingCustomer service problems and how they are dealt with and rectified is often a strong indicator of a company’s approach to managing customer experiences. We call it ‘Dealing With Disappointment’  and 3D Businesses ‘Encourage’, ‘Empower’, and ‘Enable‘ their people to do it effectively (it’s an ingredient of 3D Characteristic #5: Create An UBER Culture – more information here).

Here’s a great example of this in action. A client of ours, Toni ordered some goods from the Marks & Spencer website, but unfortunately the wrong goods arrived. She contacted them by email to ‘complain’ and they sorted it quickly, efficiently and in a friendly manner, which was good. To be fair it’s only what should be expected, but I know lots of businesses can’t even do this properly.

Toni then received an email asking her to rate the way her complaint was handled, which was nice…. Even better it was ‘personalised’ with the details of the person who she had dealt with.

M&S Feedback

When Toni rated it as ‘Excellent’, this then came up…. Now, THAT is Dramatically and Demonstrably Different‘!

M&S Feedback2 .jpg

It’s a great example of …..

  • Personalising the online customer experience
  • Dealing with Disappointment promptly and effectively and…
  • Linking rewards and recognition to the behaviours you want from your people.

What ‘rewards’ do your people get when they exceed expectations and ‘Delight’ their customers. In many businesses I see, the reward for great work is ‘more work’!

(Interestingly, Toni also ‘checked’ what happened if she clicked ‘poor’ and no, it didn’t suggest what ‘punishment’ Sarah should get, but asked for feedback on how the experience could be improved) 

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