You’ll Have 6239 Meetings In Your Career! Will You Maximise Them?

23May You’ll Have 6239 Meetings In Your Career! Will You Maximise Them?

This is boring!

Meetings, meetings meetings! We’ve all been asked to sit in on them, we’ve all actually sat in them, and we’ve all asked ‘why’?!!!

Apparently, according to Customer Plus, the average British worker will sit through some 6,239 meetings in their career, which is a lot of time, and potentially, a lot of wasted time! Of course, meetings can be a very useful tool for effective communication, increasing engagement and problem solving. they can also be a great source of irritation, frustration and time wasting! A new report shows that typically UK 43% of us walk out of a meeting feeling it was pointless, 70% of us completely ‘zone out’ and on average, we switch off after just 20 minutes!

We’ve developed a very simple toolkit to help you take a bit of ‘time out’ to think about your meetings and how you maximise them.

We’re not saying have lots of them, and we’re not saying ‘don’t have any’ – we’re saying make the most of them when you do have them!

The toolkit introduces the concept of PITTER PATTER.. How do your meetings measure up?

Avoid the PITTER:

Pointless – there’s no real purpose and no – one knows why they they are there!

Ill Prepared – people haven’t read the briefing

Time Consuming – they go on longer than they should!

Territorial – people spend all the time ‘defending themselves’

Ego’s – It’s all about ‘me’ – whether that’s the person who organised it, or the person with the loudest voice!

Refusing to say anything that we’re wasting time!

MeetingsWork on the PATTER:

Purpose – Ensure your meeting has clear objectives that everyone understands

Attendees – Get the right people there (and leave the ‘wrong’ ones out!)

Topics – Establish some sort of agenda so the key issues get dealt with!

Timings – Define the times for each topic – and start and finish times – stick to them!

Expectations – Ensure people know what’s expected of them in terms of preparation, contribution and follow up

Results – Check the meeting delivered what it set out to do!

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