The Britneyometer – A New Way To Measure Customer Experience!

19May The Britneyometer – A New Way To Measure Customer Experience!

Britney Thumbs UpWhen it comes to measuring customer satisfaction, I often recommend clients use tools such as Net Promoter Score and / or our suggestion of the ‘Are You Completely Happy’? question (the answer can only be ‘Yes’ or ‘No’), but here’s aDramatically and Demonstrably Different way of doing it from some clients of ours.

The ‘Britneyometer’ is an internal measuring tool for assessing how ‘awesome’ the customer experience was delivered by the staff at Benchmark Recruit. Rebecca Morris,  who is  a team manager there, explained that the idea was prompted after we had been discussing this stuff on our UCLA programme that she is attending.  It’s a ‘tongue in cheek’ internal measuring tool that helps their team evaluate the levels of customer service that they and their colleagues are giving to their clients.  It ranges from ‘Criminal’ (Britney in ‘not much’) through to ‘Expected’ (Britney in the original video) and onto ‘Unbelievable’ (Britney when she shaved her head!).


No, the Benchmark team aren’t being ‘Crazy’. In fact I think it shows that they feel that they are ‘Born To Make You Happy’ as a customer and that as a result, you say ‘Gimme More’ or even ‘Baby, One More Time’! (Yes, I’ll admit it, I am a bit of a Britney Spears fan!)

Seriously, it is a nice fun way of getting customer service on the agenda…. and keeping it there!

How do you keep it on yours?

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