Another Example Of Hairdresser Customer Delight!

16May Another Example Of Hairdresser Customer Delight!

Joe Slack

Joe with his cool new haircut!

Customer Delight in hairdressers appears to be a bit more common than I thought! I wrote last week about one year old Matthew getting his certificate after his first ever haircut at Little Fidgets, well here’s a story of 10 year old Joe who had a great customer experience. His dad Michael, had been trying to convince young Joe about the need for a haircut recently but, according to Michael, it all felt like pushing water up a hill!

They happened to be walking past Everyman Barbers in Nottingham on Saturday and thought it looked pretty ‘cool’, so in they went.  They were greeted by some very welcoming decor and some extremely friendly staff who asked them to take a seat. They then offered..

  • A PlayStation for Joe …
  • And a cold beer for Michael while they were waiting!

So they didn’t mind how long they waited – but it wasn’t too long anyway.

Michael explained that despite his rubbish brief “Can he have it shorter” the hairdresser injected some style into it which as Michael explained, was a very pleasant change from the usual ‘gum chewing slightly disinterested adolescent’ who wants to be told exactly what to do (Michael admits that he’s not really a hair expert as he doesn’t have much himself!)

So, stylish haircut completed, when he came to pay the going rate of £12.50 for an under 12, Michael mentioned that he needed to pay for the beer too – but they explained that was FREE! Now, THAT is Dramatically and Demonstrably Different!

It’s a great example of delivering an outstanding customer experience as competitive advantage. The result? A ‘delighted’ customer who is looking forward to his next haircut (as is his dad!), and a customer that tells other people.

What’s your ‘Dramatic Difference‘? Do you ‘Demonstrate‘ it?

ps. Feel free to share your ‘customer delight’ stories below – hairdressing related or not, it would be great to hear them!

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