5 Simple Steps To Make Your Marketing Work Better!

11Apr 5 Simple Steps To Make Your Marketing Work Better!

Missed TargetMore than a quarter of growing businesses in the UK are struggling to hit the target when it comes to their marketing efforts. That’s according to a report from PeoplePerHour. A key reason for this may well be that another finding of the report says 48% of them say they find it difficult to define their target audience.

As a result, too many businesses find it impossible to say ‘no’, and end up taking on work that is non-profitable, proves difficult or impossible to deliver, is time consuming, and causes hassle to everyone in the business, as well as the customer.  Add to this, the fact due to limited resources, this non-profitable stuff actually stops them looking for and working on the profitable work, it’s easy to see how many business managers find they being ‘busy fools’.

So, what can you do about it? Well, our research suggests that 3Businesses  ‘Choose ‘Em Or Lose ‘Em’!  They focus on the customers that they WANT to work with! They understand where their profits come from and ensure that all their sales and marketing efforts are focused on attracting and winning these customers.

So, what can you do? Here’s a bit of ‘strategic thinking’ for you….

Step One: Identify Your ‘Best’ Customers

First of all consider your existing customer base and identify who your ‘best customers’ are.  This might not be the biggest, or the ones you’ve been serving the longest.  Think about order size and profitability, levels of profitable repeat business, ease of dealing with, how price sensitive they are, whether they pay you on time, whether they pay you at all!  You need to agree your own criteria that suits your business – one design business we know only works with clients they like (this actually makes commercial sense as they have to spend considerable amounts of time working with clients, and find themselves being more creative on jobs they enjoy than those they don’t).

Step Two: Establish Why They Buy From You

Secondly, identify why these customers buy from you, what’s important to them, what attracted them to you in the first place, how you could improve, what would they like to see you do better, and importantly, how could you do more business? Carry out a Customer Attitude Survey, and get a real picture of your strengths and weaknesses.

Step Three: ‘Profile’ Your Customer Base

Use the information gained in your sales and marketing activity.  For example, ‘profile’ the sort of customers that you want to work with – their buying characteristics, their industry sector, size, and their needs (hint: match the profile as close to your ‘best’ customers identified earlier).

Step Four: Maximise Resources

Target these customers, make sure that your ‘selling time’, and that of your team, is spent in front of these customers – this might mean turning some potential ‘customers’ down. You might consider ‘incentivising’ these customers to do business with you (not necessarily by discounting!), or even ‘disincentivising’ those who you don’t really want to work with!

Step Five: ‘Dump’ Your Worst Customers

As for your ‘worst’ customers, consider reducing your reliance on them, and then eventually eliminating them from your portfolio.  I’m not saying ring them up tomorrow and telling them to get lost, but look at how you can turn them into profitable customers – that sometimes means saying ‘no’.  Your time and that of your business might be far more effective working with customers who appreciate you, and let you appreciate profits at the same time.

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