Making Innovation Work For You

17Mar Making Innovation Work For You

Does innovation drive your business? Does it help you create competitive advantage? In the latest in the series of interviews I did recently with Grant Leboff of The Sticky Marketing Club we talked all about ‘Making InnovatiON Work’ – That’s 3D Characteristic #7.

It’s a short discussion about ‘innovation’ – ‘the successful exploitation of new ideas’ – and how 3D Businesses make innovation work for them – it’s all about ‘getting it on the agenda’, establishing effective systems and processes, creating a climate to support it and making the time to implement it. The result is improvements in the areas that count that create real competitive advantage and helps them be Dramatically and Demonstrably Differentfrom their competitors.

 The 4 key ingredients of ‘InnovatiON!’ are…

  • Leadership.. proactively working ON identifying and seeking ways that innovatiON can contribute to helping them achieve their vision – it’s on the agenda and is driven by the leaders at every level.
  • Systems And Processes…Not necessarily lots of sophisticated methods of ideas generation, but practical ways to make it work for them that engage people and access their ideas and suggestions.
  • Climate..3D Businesses engage everyone to get involved and contribute, and create a supportive culture that encourages, and supports their people to do so!
  • Implementation.. it’s all about ‘making it happen’ and doing something with the ideas generated! 3D Businesses know that winners take action, not notes and as a result create time to help get things done and ‘successfully exploit’ the ideas generated!

For more interviews and some great resources, visit and to assess how you and your business ‘measures up’ when it comes to ‘InnovatiON’,  you can….


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