Marketing Lessons From The Longcroft Luxury Hotel – It’s The Cat’s Whiskers!

29Nov Marketing Lessons From The Longcroft Luxury Hotel – It’s The Cat’s Whiskers!

Longcroft Cattery2A room with a wrought iron bed, an individually decorated bedroom suite, gourmet menus, a choice of music, personalised entertainment. That all sounds very nice doesn’t it? Well, it’s not for you – it’s for your cats!!!!

Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel is a Dramatically and Demonstrably Different hotel  that offers a truly personalised experience crafted around each individual cat’s well-being, and the owner’s peace of mind!

It’s a great example of effective marketing and  highlights a number of the ingredients of 3D Characteristic #2: Think In 3D!

First of all, they have ‘Established a Dramatic and Demonstrable Difference‘ by offering a ‘bundle of unmatchable skills, methods and practices that differentiate the business from its competitors’. 

However, your Dramatic Difference is only any good if customers want it, recognise it, and are prepared to pay (more) for it, and they certainly seem to have sorted that!

It opened five years ago and  now has nine branches, each with six to nine suites.  Clients pay a minimum of £23 a day for a basic room and all-day play with their cat. They get food from an ‘a la cat’ menu (geddit!!!) served on bone china plates and they can also have the music of their choice played to them on the iPod that’s in their room!

The hotel also offers an “ultimate spa day” for £45 that includes gentle undercoat removal, waterless coat massage, eye and ear cleanse, coat and skin shampooing and paw massage with “lickable” organic balm!

Secondly, they demonstrate a clear focus on the sort of customers they want to work with which is another key ingredient in Thinking in 3D! – we call it ‘Choose ‘Em Or Lose ‘Em! Not everyone will want to spend that sort of money on their cat, but they are not trying to reach EVERYONE! They’ve clearly decided what they stand for, who they are aiming at and have focused their ‘offer’ accordingly.


You can see in the video below how they do it….

And it seems to be working – they’re opening two more hotels next month!

So, when it comes to your marketing….

  • What’s your ‘bundle’ of unmatchable skills, methods and practices?
  • Is it ‘Dramatically and Demonstrably  Different’ from your competitors?
  • Is it focused on a specific group of customers that you could / should focus (more) on?
  • Is it something that those customers want, recognise and are prepared to pay (more) for?

To assess how you and your business ‘measures up’ when it comes to ‘Thinking in 3D, do our short FREE ONLINE 3D DIAGNOSTIC by simply CLICKING BELOW and using the password ahc#2 … It produces a simple report to help point you in the right direction!

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ps. If you’ve ever heard me speak at a conference or training event in the past 20 years on marketing and customer service, I may well have talked about Triple A Animal Hotel And Care Centre set up in Washington, Tyne and Wear by Ann and Arthur Addlington many many years ago – they really were ahead of their time!

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