Hear A Customer Grumble? Share It With Us Via Grumble Catcher!

23Oct Hear A Customer Grumble? Share It With Us Via Grumble Catcher!

Grumble CardDo you get many customer complaints? No? Everything must be OK then mustn’t it? Not necessarily! According to a report by Rapide, 91% of customers don’t always complain when they receive poor customer service with over 40% of them thinking it is not worth complaining as companies simply don’t care!

So, just because they are not complaining to you, they may well be unhappy and grumbling to other people – maybe lots of other people. So, how can you capture those ‘grumbles’? Well, obviously a definite ‘must’ is to have someone keeping an eye on social media looking out for unhappy customers and then responding. Unfortunately, not all customers are ‘modern’ and still grumble…. to themselves, to other customers face to face and to employees!

3D Businesses empower their people to ‘Deal with Customer Disappointment’ when they get a complaint, but not all customers do it formally. Here’s a great example of an organisation that recognises this and has set up a simple system to spot and catch ‘customer grumbles’. The University Of Hull’s AskHU team whose job it is to assist and advise students, have established The Grumble Catcher! Front line staff each have a set of post cards that they are encouraged to fill in if they hear a customer grumbling. They then send it to the head of the Student Services Directorate, who are responsible for the scheme.

It’s a very simple way of keeping your eyes and ears to the ground and spot things that are going wrong – particularly if they are ‘those little things’ that can build into something bigger!

What ‘mechanisms’ have you got to help your front line staff ‘spot grumbles’? While we’re on this, what ‘mechanisms’ have you got for those people to spot ‘opportunities’ too? Think receptionists, delivery drivers, installers, even finance and credit control – Hey, it’s Dramatically And Demonstrably Different stuff!

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