Tommie Rose – A Young Entrepreneur Not To Be Stopped!

23Nov Tommie Rose – A Young Entrepreneur Not To Be Stopped!

Tommie Rose Tommie Rose is a budding entrepreneur who’s identified a real need in the market place. Through hard work and a focus  on his customers, he has created a successful business that employs 2 other people. Tommie supplies sweets and snacks to  his friends in his school and has generated a profit of £14,000 which he is going to use towards his university fees. That’s if  his school doesn’t continue with their plan to suspend him – apparently, they don’t like what he’s doing!

Apparently Tommie’s business empire is under threat because his school, Buile Hill High School, Salford, says it breaches  their strict healthy-eating policy and he has been accused of running a ‘black market’ on sweet treats.

He’s already created ‘jobs’ for two of his best mates, paying them £5.50 a day and Tommie has ambitious plans to study for  a business degree from prestigious Oxford or Cambridge, and says the money he’s raising will help him do that.

 I can’t help thinking that Tommie should be ‘encouraged’ for his efforts – 3D Businesses ‘champion their champions’ and  encourage, support and reward and recognise the behaviours that they want (It’s 3D Characteristic #5: Create An UBER Culture). From their actions, it would appear that the school don’t want this ‘maverick’ approach.

What about your business – do you support the behaviours you want?

  • How do you ‘reward and recognise’ those behaviours?
  • Do you know what those behaviours are?
  • Do your people?


  • alistair
    Posted at 12:32h, 24 November Reply

    What a shame that the school instead of threatening to suspend Tommie because he is exercising the most basic of marketing principals and supplying what his customers want does not instead try to educate the students about health eating so that they start demanding different snack from Tommie

    One thing is certain Tommie will certainly succeed in life – no thanks to his school

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