Thinking in 3D To A Great Degree At Sheffield Hallam University!

24Oct Thinking in 3D To A Great Degree At Sheffield Hallam University!

Really enjoyed presenting the ‘Think In 3D’ lecture to the Sheffield Hallam University students this afternoon. It was great to see so many students there, and particularly to hear so many good contributions to the session!

Thanks for coming along and thanks for your contributions and feedback. I hope that you are now busy ‘Thinking in 3D’!

As promised, you can download the slides here! Feel free to download and distribute them – and crucially, DO something with them!

Also, here’s a link to the Red Tomato Pizza Emergency Button!

If you enjoyed the session and would like a bit more resources for your studies, you may also be interested in this FREE ebook Customer Delight As Competitive Advantage. Simply click here to get it! A number of people asked about the principles behind the work we do, and this FREE whitepaper might help…it outlines the 7 Characteristics of 3D Businesses.

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