The Mad Man With The Pram – An Inspirational 3D Example!

21Jun The Mad Man With The Pram – An Inspirational 3D Example!

John Burkhill is an amazing guy! He runs miles and miles for the Macmillan Cancer Support charity, and having been doing this for 20 odd years, his ‘Dramatically and Demonstrably Different’ approach has made him a real success and a bit of a celebrity in our parts when it comes to fundraising. He is known as ‘The Mad Man With The Pram’ because, guess what, he does all his charity running with a pram!

The inspirational 73 year old is our latest example of 3D Thinking (Number #11 in our search for 100 Examples Of 3D Thinking). In fact he demonstrates all 7 Charactersitics!

Here’s why:

#1 Get That Vision Thing!

After the death of his wife June from cancer, and the death of his daughter Karen after a routine operation,  John has set out on a mission to raise £250,000 for the Macmillan charity and is well on his way to doing that. “I will never stop until I get that magic quarter of a million” is something you hear regularly –  It’s a vision that stimulates, excites and inspires lots of others who have joined him on his journey!

#2 Establish A Dramatic Difference!

John is known as ‘The Pram Man’! as he does all his runs pushing a pram and wearing a green curly wig! He’s recognised everywhere he goes!

#3 Create ‘Delighted’ and ‘Devoted’ Customers!

He brings a smile to everyone who sees him running his marathons and there’s even a Facebook page campaigning to get him knighted!

#4 Forget CRM, Think MCR!

John creates ‘dialogue’ and actively engages with custionmers and maximises relationshiops – he recently visited our offices at The Quadrant and made quite an impression – and I hope, quite a bit of money for his charity appeal

#5 Create An UBER Culture!

John’s values are evident in EVERYTHING he does – he’s passionate about what he’s doing and this shows!

#6 KeeP In Control!

He has set himself a target of competing in over 1000 races in his aim to raise £250,000, and he knows exactly what he’s done and keeps tabs on it! He has taken part in over 854 races including half marathons, 10K runs, marathons including London 20 times and Sheffield half marathon every year since it began. He’s raised in excess of £130,000!

#7 Keep Working ‘ON’!

John has an innovative approach – he’s always coming up with new ideas to raise money and his profile which subsequently helps him to raise even more money!

It’s brilliant news that John will be one of the Olympic Torch Bearers in Sheffield on Monday – we’ll be there to cheer him on – it couldn’t have happened to a nicer bloke!

If you can’t make it, you can find out more about John by visiting his Just Giving Page

(This 3D idea is number #11 in our 3D Challenge search for 100 ideas!)

(3D Characteristic #1 Get That Vision Thing! #2 Establish A Dramatic Difference! #3 Create Delighted and Devoted Customers #4 Forget CRM, Forget MCR! #5 Create An UBER Culture! #6 KeeP In Control! #7 Keep Working ‘ON’!)

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