Customer Delight Workshop Inspired By Her Majesty!

02May Customer Delight Workshop Inspired By Her Majesty!

People Are Signing Up Already!

I wrote recently about Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II ‘Delighting’ one of her subjects and highlighted the lessons that we could all learn from her when it comes to customer delight!

It was all about the ‘wow’ reaction, planned spontaneity, personalising the experience and making the customer feel ‘valued’!

The reaction was so good and we’ve been so inspired we’re running a workshop to help businesses treat their customers like Royalty!

Our ‘Diamond Day’ workshop takes place here in Sheffield on the morning of May 29th and it’s sure to be a ‘gem’ of a session!

It’s open to anyone who would like to…

  • Get their business delivering ‘sparkling’ customer service – consistently!
  • Make their customers feel ‘treasured’ every time they engage with them!
  • ‘Crown’ this by maximising opportunities through increased repeat business and referrals!

There are more details here. Alternatively, don’t hesitate to call Lucy on 0114 243 4666 or email her for more information.

(If you can’t come to Sheffield and would like us to do something specifically for your business, group or association, then please do get in touch!)

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