‘Proof’: Customer Delight Is The Key To Competitive Advantage!

03Apr ‘Proof’: Customer Delight Is The Key To Competitive Advantage!

Customer service has become an increasingly important factor in competitive differerentiation, and is set to continue to do so – that’s according to new research by Sage UK.

53% of businesses have stated that customer service has become more important over the past 12 months and crucially, 60% of the businesses who have increased revenues in the past six months stated that going the extra mile in customer service was more important than ever.

Going the extra mile is about ‘exceeding customer expectations’ – it’s all about customer delight!

They also believe that this trend is set to continue with over half of businesses believing that the importance of customer service is increasing and are investing additional budgets in this as a result.

How are they doing it? Well according to Sage:

  • 35% are investing in more training for sales and support staff
  • 31% are investing more into their website and customer service functionality
  • 23% are investing in more customer service staff

So, what are you doing?

One investment that you might want to consider is downloading my FREE eBook:

Customer Delight As Competitive Advantage!

It won’t cost you anything in terms of money – the thing you’ll be investing is your time! I told you last week that Her Majesty The Queen does it, so why not you?

Go on, you know you’re (and your customers are) worth it!


  • Tom
    Posted at 11:51h, 24 April Reply

    Thanks Andy.

    Looking at the 3rd bullet point that refers to ‘investing in more customer service staff’ Anyone who is doing this may be missing the point. ‘Everyone’ is responsible for customer service whether they are internal customers or fare paying customers. Customer service should not be a separate role, something to keep a new recruit occupied or the name of a department located down the corridor from where the widgets are made it should be something everyone is doing all day every day – focusing on the customer 😉

  • Andy
    Posted at 12:31h, 24 April Reply


    Totally agree! I think this applies to the whole issue of ‘marketing’ too, of which of course, customer service is an integral part! We define ‘marketing’ as ‘finding, attracting and keeping the customers that you want while maximising your profits’!

    It’s EVERYTHING you do to do this – By definition, this involves EVERYONE!



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