The Secret To Creating A Winning Customer Relationship!

02Mar The Secret To Creating A Winning Customer Relationship!

Building effective customer relationships is a key challenge for many businesses and the evidence suggests that it’s getting much tougher to do – customers have more choice, are more ‘promiscuous’, and have ever increasing expectations.

The businesses that are winning in these tougher markets are the ones that create win – win relationships and we’ve identified this a key characteristic in successful businesses.

Maximsing Customer Relationships is a #4 in our 7 Characteristics Of 3D Businesses and it’s all about ‘proactively developing relationships that give the best to, and get the best from the customers you want’.

So, how do the best do it? Well, there’s lots of research out there and loads of ‘theories’ about relationship building, but what I love doing is finding real examples of people who have actually done it, rather than just talked about it.

And I’ve defintely found someone who has created a winning relationship – actually it’s two people!! They’re called Ralph and Phyliis Tarrant and they’ve been married 77 years!!!!

Watch this short video to find out the secret to their ‘winning relationship’!…………

If it works for them!

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