Stop Looking At My Bottom Say Innocent Smoothies!

08Jan Stop Looking At My Bottom Say Innocent Smoothies!

Here’s a great example of engaging with your customers from Innocent Smoothies! They’ve launched an online competition for customers to come up a phrase or comment to go on the bottom of their bottles!

I’ve raved about these guys before as they are undoubtedly a ‘Remarkable’ 3D business –  As well as producing quality products, they consistently do things that get people talking!

They ran the competition a few years ago, and got a great response, so they are doing it again. The winner last time was ‘Trapped in bottle factory, please send help’!

It’s all done in a fun, quirky way completely in line with the ‘Innocent’ way of doing things. It creates ‘dialogue’ with customers, and it doesn’t cost them anything!

Anyone can submit a few words (maximum 40 characters) via the ‘comments’ section of the website and if they get picked, they get  a few freebies and the glory of their comment ‘up in lights’ (well, on the bottom of thousands of Innocent Smoothie bottles).

As they explain “Next thing you know, you’re a published writer, and people around the country are chuckling at your words, throwing money at you and asking you to be godparent to their child and stuff. Such is the power of the hidden message”

I love the simplicity, humour and cost effectiveness of it all – If you fancy a go, simply click here!

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