Scary Statistics About Employee Engagement!

31Oct Scary Statistics About Employee Engagement!

Horrific news today about employee engagement in the UK. Apparently we’ve fallen behind other countries in the world in an annual Global survey that measures employee engagement. The research by ORC International highlighted that the responses to the three questions that have had the greatest impact on engagement scores were considerably lower than many other countries in the world.

For example, the responses to the 3 key questions by UK employees revealed that only…

  • 43 % agreed that there is a positive relationship between management and staff in this organisation, (56% in the US)
  • 48% agreed the organisation they worked for was well managed (56% in the US)
  • 54% enjoyed their day-to-day tasks (63 % in the US)

The most dramatic change in employee engagement levels was seen in China, with a seven-place jump to second place overall in the 2011 rankings. India has the most engaged employees, with an overall ranking of 74 percent, up from 66 percent in 2010.

Perhaps to improve engagement and morale, businesses should take a page out of British Airways book who are apparently encouraging their staff to ‘hug’ each other as part of a team building exercise! Can’t help thinking that is even more scary!!!!!

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