Want To Give Great Customer Service? Then Get ‘Engaged’

16Oct Want To Give Great Customer Service? Then Get ‘Engaged’

How do Marks & Spencer deliver great customer service? It’s all down to ’employee engagement’! That’s what their  HR Director Tanith Dodge put it down to when she was speaking at HR Performance in London recently.

According to My Customer, she quoted research by Towers Perrin that highlighted a number of predictors of engagement.

Apparently staff feel motivated and experience positive feelings of wellbeing if they feel that they:

  • Work for a company that they believe cares about them as human ‘beings’ 
  • Experience a positive network of inter-relationships rather than simply transactional behaviour
  • Feel pride in working for an employer that does things that they feel good about
  • Feel involved
  • That their voice is heard
  • Can trust their line manager

I’ve talked about this stuff before, and you may well think that it’s just ‘common sense’! (Most of the things I talk and blog about are!) However, it might just be worth finding out how you measure up when it comes to your people…..

  • How ‘engaged’ are they?
  • How do you know?
  • How can you find out?

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