Pret A Manger – A Great Recipe For Success!

08Aug Pret A Manger – A Great Recipe For Success!

Pret A Manger are a successful business here in the UK and they are expanding fast in the US. Apparently, they believe that much of their 40% increase in sales compared to last year is down to their people, and particularly, how they manage and engage their people. My experience suggests that their food is a factor too!

Want to know how they do it? One option is to read a great article all about their success in The New York Times .

It’s clear that there are some great lessons for us all! Here are 5 of them…..

Pret A Manger:

  • Are Easy To Buy From “Pret A Manger means ‘ready to eat’, not ready to wait” says CEO Clive Schlee. As a result, they keep customer queues down by having lots of people on the tills.
  • Focus On Quality – Pret sandwiches don’t have ‘sell by’ dates beacuase if they are not sold on the day they are donated to local charity ‘food banks’
  • Ensure Behaviours Count! – Preferred attitudes and behaviours are spelt out and new hires are encouraged to ‘not hide your true character’ – Employees are rewarded and promoted for things like ‘cheerfulness’! Rewards are also given to the whole team for ‘outstanding’ customer experiences spotted by weekly ‘mystery shoppers’.
  • Recognise It’s About ‘Team’ – Rewards are for team performances, as well as individuals. For example a ‘star’ individual may well receive a £50 bonus for achieving a certain standard, but this has to be passed on to colleagues and people who have helped them achieve!
  • Engage Their People – New employees are ‘voted’ in or out by existing staff after a 6 hour onsite shift! 90% are voted ‘in’ and those that aren’t are paid £35 for their time!

Another way to ‘learn the lessons’ is obviously to visit them and ‘experience’it for yourself. Go on, put it on ‘expenses’ – it’s ‘research’!

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