Increase Customer Loyalty? Trust Me, I Know What To Do!

13Jun Increase Customer Loyalty? Trust Me, I Know What To Do!

Want to drive up the loyalty of your customers? This is how you do it…..Trust me, I know!

Seriously, ‘trust’ has been highlighted as a key factor in shaping and influencing loyalty. According to a new report produced for Pitney Bowes Business Insights by ECSP Europe Business School, ‘trust’ can drive up to 44 percent of customer loyalty in a brand.

According to the study, customer satisfaction is often determined by trust in:

  • The self-service channels
  • Communications from the provider
  • Management policies and practices, and by …….
  • Previous experiences.

Customers questioned highlighted several ways for companies to strengthen trust-building activities. They included:

  • Improve communications, both in terms of quality and clarity
  • Increase transparency
  • Provide advance information for better deals
  • Problem solving.

In addition, customers said that that they look for companies that provide high-quality customer care, make them feel ‘looked after,’ and demonstrate a high level of competency and conduct from employees.

It’s all about ‘being easy to buy from’,  creating ‘delighted customers by exceeding their expectations and doing it consistently to create ‘devoted’ customers. Those are ‘loyal’ customers who come back for more, have high expectations of you and ‘trust’ you!

You might be interested in a number of things I’ve written relating to this topic here – in particular, an article I wrote that highlighted some ideas for building trust with customers.

I wrote it some time ago – way before this report came out! See? You can trust me – I know what I’m talking about!!!!


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