Surprise Surprise! Ryanair Are Difficult To Complain To!

05Apr Surprise Surprise! Ryanair Are Difficult To Complain To!

News that Ryanair have been found guilty of breaking EU rules because they are ‘difficult’ to complain to doesn’t come as a major surprise. Apparently they don’t provide an email address to contact and you have to use letter, fax or premium rate phone number (you acknowledge this when you sign the terms and conditions, but you knew that didn’t you!!!!)

Apparently, under the European E-commerce Directive, any company selling goods online must offer customers the opportunity to complain via e-mail, but they don’t!

I do think Ryanair do some brilliant things very well, and that’s what makes them successful – punctual, ‘no frills’ flights at very cheap prices (although not normally as cheap as they first appear!) and they have an enviable ability to manage, even lower your expectations so well, that if you arrive within a reasonable time of the estimated arrival, your bags are all in one place and you didn’t get a verbal mugging during the journey, you are ‘delighted’! 

However, I can’t help thinking that , at times, they show contempt for genuine customers, and this appears to be yet another example of that!  I would have also thought that listening to, and responding to customers’ complaints promptly and courteously would benefit them and their staff too! 

According to the Institute Of Customer Service, a strong majority (70%) of us talk to others about our complaints, and how they are handled and more than three quarters of us (77%) spread the word to three or more others, nearly half (48%) to five or more, and a fifth (20%) share their encounter with ten or more people!

I highlighted in last week’s 3D Thoughts that more and more people are using social media to complain too – surely this will come back to bite them one day!

But, they’re probably not listening to the likes of me!

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