Shaking Up The Burger World!

11Aug Shaking Up The Burger World!

Imaging queueing for hours for a burger because they are that good? Well that’s what’s happening in New York! Shake Shack is a great chain of burger restaurants in the US who are completely 3D!

They are without doubt Dramatically and Demonstrably Different in everything that they do! But, that’s not been done by chance. It’s clearly a very proactive approach that they’ve taken, and it seems to be working with huge queues outside their Madison Park store! 

If you get chance, have a look at this video of CEO Randy Garutti explaining their approach. There are some great lessons for any business, whether you’re in burgers or not!

Randy Garutti (Shake Shack) at Gel 2010 from Gel Conference on Vimeo.

I particularly like their approach to questioning every ‘rule’ by asking ‘whoever wrote that rule?’ and then working out how they could break it! They took a proactive approach to ‘breaking all those rules’ and seem to have hit the spot! Here’s just one of them: rather than the  ‘no dog’s allowed’ sign that you see in most places – they have the ‘pooch-ini’, a treat specifically for dogs made out of frozen custard, peanut butter and a dog biscuit! Guess where the burger lovers with dogs go?

It’s a great example of someone entering a market and using all the ‘norms’ and ‘rules’ to creating a business that’s ‘dramatically different’ by breaking them!   What ‘rules’ should you break?

Looking forward to my next trip to New York!

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