Coping With The Vuvuzelas Of The Social Media World!

08Jul Coping With The Vuvuzelas Of The Social Media World!

The world of social media is like everyone having a vuvuzela – they all blow it, with enthusiasm and passion regardless of skill and experience. It means that there’s a continual buzzing noise that potentially drowns out other ‘noise’. It’s also difficult to ‘stand out’  no matter what level of musical expertise you have!

The rise of social media has created lots of opportunities. It’s also created lots of threats, particularly to those businesses that are ‘struggling’ with what to do with it, and how to do it!

The issue of  ‘noise’ is just one of the  ‘challenges’ businesses face identified by Jeremiah Owyang in Silicon Valley and this post on his website highlighting these barriers and crucially offering some suggestions on how to go about overcoming them is well worth  a read.

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