‘Delighted’ Customers Five Times More Likely To Rebuy!

18Mar ‘Delighted’ Customers Five Times More Likely To Rebuy!

I came across an interesting report today by Ipsos Loyalty about The Role of Customer Delight in Achieving Loyalty. Although it’s a few years old, there’s some good stuff in there that are still (even more?) relevant today.

A key point that struck me was:

‘In a Business to Business engagement, ‘delighted’ customers were FIVE TIMES more likely to plan on repurchasing than  merely satisfied customers.’

Just to reiterate, customer delight is not ‘have a nice day’. It’s about ‘exceeding customer expectations’ and doing stuff that they weren’t expecting. It appears spontaneous (you can plan ‘spontaneity’ by the way!), it produces a ‘wow’ reaction, it’s often ‘personalised’, and it makes customers feel valued. Often, it’s those little things that demonstrate you care.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start ‘delighting’ those customers – you know it makes sense!

If you’re looking for some ideas to get a real ‘customer delight’ focus, have a look at this free Compete Sheet I developed called Creating Raving Fans.

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