Are Your Customers ‘Happy’ or ‘Sad’?

02Feb Are Your Customers ‘Happy’ or ‘Sad’?

Here’s a great idea highlighted by David Sumner Smith about a nice article on getting customer feedback. When Derek Buchanan  took over as CEO at software business Episys he introducedpre-paid  ‘Happy’ or ‘Sad’ cards to get feedback from his customers. They are part of his ‘Ever Been Disappointed?’ campaign aimed at encouraging his customers to press the ‘panic alarm’ and give their thoughts, especially when things haven’t gone so well.

The pre-paid postcards are a very visible way of:

a) demonstrating to customers that their opinion counts

b) demonstrating to staff that customers’ opinions count!

There are mechanisms and systems in place to deal with the good and the ‘not so good’ feedback which again appear quite ‘visible’. As well as highlighting the successes and the results of the process improvements that result, this also includes ‘I’ve had a shocker’ T shirts for those who haven’t quite ‘delivered the goods’!

I think the example here appears to reiterate the key point:

‘customer feedback is good, but it’s what you do with it that counts’

Do you have a customer feedback process that results in ACTION?

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