A Dramatically Different Gift Voucher 2

18Dec A Dramatically Different Gift Voucher 2

It probably seemed ‘really edgy’ when the divorce lawyers Lloyd Platt and Co came up with the idea of their ‘divorce vouchers’ for Christmas. It’s in the news today on the Lawyer Website.

I ‘praised’ B&Q for their ‘personalised’ voucher recently, because I think they got it right – I don’t think these guys have. Both examples do Demonstrate a Dramatic Difference’ – one does it positively, the other does not.

Apparently, they’ve quoted a client saying they’ve played a ‘blinder’ (oh, very ‘street cred’!). The only ‘blinder’ I see is their inability to see that a such a cheap gimmick undermines their reputation, professionalism, and possibly that of others in the profession too. I’m all for ‘professionals’ showing their ‘personal side’, in fact, I think it’s a significant influencer on how people choose their ‘advisors’, but not sure this says anything ‘positive’ about them.

Interestingly, I went on their website, and a couple of things I noticed:

Their most recent ‘Stop Press’ news was from July and the one before that, was June 2007, so maybe they’re in desperate need of some ‘publicity’!

Secondly, the website has a section for ‘The Team’. It’s headed up by a nice picture of ‘proprietor’ Vanessa and explains that they ‘represent many celebrities in the world of television, radio and entertainment as well as Judges and MPs.’   It adds that ‘The firm also represents men and women from all walks of life’ which is reassuring to know to us ‘mere mortals’!

Then comes ‘The Team’ with 5 members in it. And then, and I suggest this might say something about the business, comes a bunch of people under the heading, ‘Rest Of The Team’!

Q: “So, what do you do?”

A: “Oh, I’m a key player in ‘the rest of the team”

I might have got them wrong, but you can only go on what you see. Anyone who ‘encourages’ people to use their ‘divorce vouchers’ probably doesn’t need people like me to point out these sort of things to anyone.

And, that Your Honour is the case for the prosecution!

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