A Dramatically Different Gift Voucher

08Dec A Dramatically Different Gift Voucher

b&q dad We were in the diy store B&Q yesterday (don’t ask!) and Jill spotted this – a gift voucher ‘personalised’ for dads. It’s a very simple way of ‘enhancing’ a core offer. There was also ‘you’re moving’ and ‘new home’, plus a few others.

My point? ‘Differentiating’ a relatively mundane thing appealing to specific customers is a great way to stand out.  What can you do to be more ‘creative’ about what you offer? It’s not about ‘hype’ or ‘rehashing’ stuff, but thinking about your customers and what appeals to them, and then ‘differentiating’ it to suit.

A simple idea and a nice example of 3D – Demonstrating a Dramatic Difference (albeit, on a very simple ‘product’).

Needless to say, Jill bought one, but, shhh – don’t tell her dad, it’s for Christmas!


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