Which Tribes Work For You? Get ‘Trotting’

23Nov Which Tribes Work For You? Get ‘Trotting’

peppa pigI was introduced to a new ‘brand’ yesterday. I’m sure for many of you, it’s not news, but Peppa Pig is awesome!!!! She attracted thousands into Sheffield yesterday to switch the Christmas lights on. Seth Godin talks about the power of Tribes, well the Peppa Pig tribe is strong and powerful, even if the vast majority of them are female and under 6!!!

The number of pink coats and bobble hats sat on top of Dads’ shoulders was amazing. OK, they may not have the specific spending power themselves, but I can’t help thinking that they have huge influence, and judging by the thousands of families wandering around the City Centre, it’s quite clear that they are not scared to use it!

Lots of other businesses seemed to be benefitting too, and that was a key learning point for me – which ‘brands’ or ‘tribes’ can you benefit from through association, or even ‘partnership’? I don’t mean just ‘hanging on’ to someone else’s ‘glory’, but a proactive win – win association.

So, a little question:

  • Who are the ‘tribes’ that you should be targetting?

More importantly,

  • What do they want
  • How can you give it to them?

So, start sniffing around and get ‘trotting’ to find them!


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