Are You Dealing With Your ‘Little Ones’?

20Oct Are You Dealing With Your ‘Little Ones’?

business card carHere are two lovely examples of  ‘Dramatically and Demonstrably Different’ business cards (courtesy of the Holy Kaw website). Obviously, I’ve no experience of the latter’s services (honest), but they do ‘stand out’ and suggest a forward thinking approach.

We all know that your logo isn’t your brand and your business card is not generally the thing on which buying decisions are made.

However, it can, and does, contribute to the overall ‘customer experience’ – and generally, because it tends to be given at the beginning of the ‘experience’ can make an impact (and raise expectations).

It’s a great example of the ‘little things’ that can make a difference. As ever, it’s worth pointing out that everything that your customer (or prospective business card marriage counsellingcustomer) experiences can do one of three things:

  1. – Positively reinforce your brand
  2. – Negatively reinforce your brand
  3. – Be ‘neutral’ – Does nothing

The challenge for us all is that as a minimum, we need to eliminate all the ‘negatives’ and then work on ways to create more ‘positives’, no matter how small.

Remember, lots of those little ‘positives’ can all add up and create that ‘1+1+1=10’ impact!

Where are your little ‘1’s?

What can you do to make them ‘add up’?

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