Thanks For Calling!

22Sep Thanks For Calling!

I often say you can judge an organisation’s attitude to customers by looking at ‘how easy it is to buy from’. What I mean by that is, is it ‘user friendly’? I encourage people to eliminate things in their business that send off ‘negative’ vibes to customers. You know, things like ‘Parking For Directors Only’ signs in the car park, receptions that are secured like Fort Knox, people that don’t return calls, or don’t even pick them up in the first place.

I read in the Yorkshire Post today that Humberside Police’s number for non  – emergency calls is an 0845 number which means many people would have to pay extra to call it – as the correspondent says ‘that’s daylight robbery’ by the Police!

What sort of messages do you send to your ‘customers’ and ‘potential customers’?

Is it ‘Thanks for ringing, your call is important to us’ or ‘Thank you for paying extra to ring – your call is a revenue generator for us!’


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