‘Disaffected’ Customers Sing Louder!

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I’ve been desperate to get this up – it’s a great example of the ‘disaffected’ customer doing something way beyond anything that a letter to the complaints department can do. Canadian singer Dave Carroll spent over 9 months being passed from department to department after he complained to United Airlines after they damaged his $3500 guitar.

The poor response from United Airlines meant that Dave reaped his revenge by producing a song and video with his band retelling the story. Although United have now apparently offered compensation, the damage has clearly been done!

His video has been hit by over 4 million and it’s been claimed that it cost United $180 million drop in share value!

There are 2 more songs to come apparently – so it’s not over yet for United!

I’ve said it before – dealing with ‘disappointed’ customers appropriately is critical. People generally accept that things go wrong – it’s how we deal with that that counts. Not dealing with ‘disapointment’ results in ‘disaffected’ customers.

Yes,  ‘Delighted’ and ‘Devoted’  Customers will typically sing your praises which is great. ‘Disaffected’ customers will typically sing your ‘malaises’, and as Dave shows they tend to sing ‘louder’!

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