I’m An Estate Agent – Honest!

02Jul I’m An Estate Agent – Honest!

An estate agent that’s Dramatically and Demonstrably Different’ – He tells the truth!

OK, I know that’s a touch hard on a lot of very good and honest estate agents, but this guy in Glastonbury certainly seems to be doing things a bit differently!

In an article in the Independent newspaper Jules Bending of Ralph Bending Estate Agents says it’s all about ‘honesty and trust’ – that’s his Unique Selling Proposition.

“You can say it’s a hovel if it’s a hovel – that’s the trick,” Bending says. “You don’t need to gloss and spin things; people will buy things as they are as long as they’re priced appropriately.” It’s not, he points out, as if you can hide the truth anyway – people are always going to see the reality of the building you’ve described, no matter what clever language you use.

The descriptions have apparently included “If this house were a person she’d be dressed in Chanel and not wearing knickers.” and “Character-forming country cottage currently undergoing a bit of a makeover which will eventually drag it from the turn of the century up to somewhere around the 1950s”.

He says it makes commercial sense too – rather than wasting time with lots of viewings by people who are disappointed when they visit a property, it ensures that they see what’s described and what they want.

It’s a nice approach, and it’s certainly not a gimmick – they’ve been at it for over 10 years.

‘Thinking in 3D’ means breaking the rules, and sometimes creating your own rules, and these guys certainly seem to do that – it’s the truth!

  • John Lyle
    Posted at 16:24h, 02 July Reply

    This is brilliant. I wish them every success. How long have we been banging on about ‘selling the truth’?

    If he really wants to open himself up, he should think about adding Feefo feedback, so that his customers can become his biggest advocates. Have a look at their new site at http://www.feefo.com

    I would say that the first agent that goes completely public with their feedback will be a HUGE success.

    I’ve been challenging the ones we know and they all seem a little scared of what they may say, but would you buy from someone on Ebay with huge negative feedback?

    I would say no. So why would anyone consider spending a large sum with a potential cowboy who lies.

    Good luck Jules.

  • Homer
    Posted at 10:50h, 30 December Reply

    It’s nice to see a little innovation in the property market. It’s even nicer to see that it’s paying off! Well done Jules, and keep it up.

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