The Power Of A ‘Rage’ Rover Customer

03Jun The Power Of A ‘Rage’ Rover Customer

range-rover-dumpedI tell audiences in my presentations that it’s estimated that the typical ‘dissatisfied’ customer tells on average 8 – 10 others and 1 in 5 tells 20 others.

Well, here’s a guy who’s gone a little step further!

A disgruntled customer has dumped his £50,000 Range Rover Sport outside Lookers Land Rover showroom in Colchester decorated as a show car. The problem is it says ‘ If you want trouble free driving don’t buy one of these’! Because it’s on a public road, the dealers can’t move it!

OK, so he’s telling as many passers by as he can, but even worse for the dealership is that the story has been picked up by the Daily Mail and now people like me (I’d just like to stress by the way, I DO NOT read the Daily Mail!).

The power of Word Of Mouse again!

Incidentally, did you click on the ‘Lookers’ link or the ‘story’ one? I bet it was the latter!

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