Flying To Ryanair’s Defence!

25Mar Flying To Ryanair’s Defence!

This is interesting. Here are 20 reasons not to fly with Ryanair  from the Times Online.

It’s not just the content of the article that’s interesting, but all the comments it has generated. It clearly demonstrates the depth of feeling about Ryanair – good and bad.

Some feel that Michael O’Leary will do anything for publicity and doesn’t care if it’s good or bad. He will probably point to the fact that they are leading budget airline to prove it. It’s difficult to argue against it.

I don’t think it’s about ‘any publicity is good publicity’, I think it’s more ‘this is us, this is what we stand for, like it or lump it’. Some marketing experts would call that a great example of ‘positioning’ and ‘differentiating the business’. I tend to agree.  They are not British Airways or Emirates. Ryanair isn’t for everyone and they don’t try to be.

Some people would never go anywhere near them, others will defend them stoutly. I’d love to know how many people would passionately defend me like that in an article in The Times that said “20 Reasons not to listen to Andy Hanselman.”

Not that many I’m afraid!

  • John Lyle
    Posted at 10:07h, 26 March Reply

    TripAdvisaor consistently rate them as the most hated airline in their own survey. An award they have won three years in a row. Not many would want this crown.

    My own research showed into brand success showed that of the three areas that make up a brand (price, function and emotion), Ryanair are obviously strong on price, but very weak on functionality and clearly negative on emotion.

    Any brand that only sells itself on price is vulnerable in two ways.

    1. Another competitor can enter the market and beat their price.
    2. If they cannot offer a low price, people will actively switch to alternative carriers.

    With fuel price pressure still and issue and their hidden charges for checking in and using the toilet, the true price of flying Ryanair is considerably more than their headline ticket price.

    For me, this makes their model unsustainable and they will be one of the first to suffer in any form of downturn. I think you are seeing evidence of this in their crashing profits/rising losses.

    Any brand that treats its customers with this much contempt is asking for trouble, Michael Ryan is not just asking, he

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