Compared To What?

09Mar Compared To What?

Just back from a wonderful week in Breckenridge, Colorado, and was consistently overwhelmed with the ‘customer experience’ in shops, restauants and other places we visited. You know, simple stuff like a smile, politeness, perhaps a conversation and an interest in me. These things made me a ‘delighted’ customer.

My American friends with me on the trip were used to it – they didn’t get as excited by it as half as much as I did.

The point? I was comparing the ‘experience’ with what often happens in the UK, and it was considerably and consistently better. They were comparing with what they were used to, and it was about the same. Don’t get me wrong, they were happy with the service, but less ‘enthralled’ by it than me. Everything you do is comparable to something else.

That’s the important bit – ‘Same as’ is ok, but doesn’t make you stand out, ‘better than’ is better, ‘dramatically and demonstrably different’ is what counts.

Who are your customers comparing you with? (Tip: It might not just be your direct competitors by the way).

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