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30Jan X Wires!

I’m back! First Blog for some time, and here goes. Travelling yesterday on Cross Country Trains and had a great experience. I sent a brief email to tell them how magnificent Roger, the conductor (although I’m sure that they have better job titles than that these days!) had been. A very pleasant, affable guy who brought a smile to every passenger he engaged with. It was lovely to get such a personal touch, and I thought that he deserved a mention and a praise. Here’s their reply:

Dear Mr Andy Hanselman,

Thank you for getting in touch on 29 January 2009.

Your comments have been entered into our case management system under reference 5-2066120. In line with our charter we aim to respond to all correspondence within 10 days, however we will send you a written response as soon as possible.


CrossCountry Customer Relations Team

The ‘personal’ touch out of the window in one email. I’m sure that they are obligated to do something like this, but it seems to put all the hard work Roger did out of the window. ‘Systems’ win out again!

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