‘Bribes’ Take The Biscuit!

13Nov ‘Bribes’ Take The Biscuit!

News that nurses at Kings College Hospital Trust are being given chocolate biscuits and thank you cards for smiling at patients has been criticised by The Nursing Times saying that nurses do not need bribes to be helpful and pleasant to patients.

They’re NOT bribes, they’re ‘Thank you’s’ – recognition for a job well done. They also remind people that customer service is important too.

Of course nurses don’t need bribes, neither do lawyers, receptionists, account handlers, waiters or job centre staff.

What they do need is recognition of a job well done, and ‘rewards’ for demonstrating the behaviours needed for doing a great job.

‘Technically’ brilliant individuals may get the job done, but it’s HOW people do it which is also important. It’s about creating and ‘championing Champions’. What do you do to ‘Champion’ yours?

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